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How UnOriginal.

My name is Emilee, 23, from the beautiful yet sometimes (often) soggy state of Washington. I have a Pinstripe Ball Python named Zeus, you can find photos of her under her tag above.

Oct 14 '11

I feel very alone tonight.

Today I found out my last friend who I spend all of my time with is pregnant. She’s decided to keep it, I haven’t asked her why. Im not going to, because I dont feel she should. She is 20, has a job that pays little, lives at home, pays for her own food, and has no car, not to mention a suspended license (and pay off fines) and has to make payments on a ring she bought. To me, if you cant take care of yourself fully, then you should not attempt to take care of another individual who will need everything from you. She’s not with the father, I dont know if she is going to tell him or has. I feel sorry for her, and I know its horrible to feel this way too but, I dont want another pregnant friend. Its something that reflects back on ones self, people judge you by the people you spend time with and I dont want that. It makes me horrible, I know some of you will think that but Im human. I wont stop being her friend, and I’ll still spend time with her but… I dont know. Im conflicted. All this news today ruined my high of getting the job I’ve been hoping for.

Most of all I miss my best friend, the one who I’ve been through think and thin with. But she’s still miles and miles away. I guess I can look forward to hopefully, maybe seeing her in February…

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